Hussain Khan

Your First Choice for London #1


Vote for Hussain as your 1st choice! Able to tackle vital issues with knowledge from day one


The prospect of Brexit is already affecting London. Due to the uncertainty of “the deal” many are planning for the worst case scenario – leaving the UK.

This is threatening the NHS, service, and financial sectors – all essential for Londoners. The questions about the honesty of the Leave campaign linger and hate crimes have risen.

I work in London and Brussels and have an extensive, high level network in the EU, which I have used to help our Parliamentarians to liaise with Brussels to secure our rights.

Our future is at stake. I am the only candidate who can truly tackle these issues and maintain our relationship with the EU.

Vote for Hussain as your 1st choice! Able to tackle vital issues with knowledge from day one

The Environment

I am proud to be a Green Liberal Democrat.

In my work as a commercial lawyer and Senior Adviser to the Liberal Democrats Business & Entrepreneurs’ Network, I passionately advocate for a green, low-emissions and climate-resilient economy, which is achievable through the development of sustainable policies and instruments for green finance and investment.

I am the lead of my local residents’ association’s (“QPARA”) environment team. One major achievement in this role was securing CIL funding to plant dozens of street trees. This was essential as my council does not have a budget to replace the many trees that have been removed. The environmental benefits of urban trees are well-known - clean air, shade, and a home for wildlife. With QPARA I have also audited the numbers and species of local birds.

I have successfully campaigned on my local high street for cafes and restaurants to reduce single use plastics, starting from removing plastic straws. This was well received and those who were still using plastic straws pledged to switch to alternatives in the near future.

Further, I discovered that my council does not provide commercial refuse collections. Waste management can be expensive for businesses, thus some do not recycle even if they wanted to. Affordable and efficient waste collection and recycling must be made available. We need to ensure that council waste collection contracts are reviewed regularly and targets met.

As a father and a keen cyclist, I want to promote green forms of transport and clean air in London. Segregated cycle lanes help promote cycling. I have been active in fighting for clean buses, especially near schools, and encouraging the use of electric vehicles. I would like to see more car-free, pedestrianised zones in London.

We can resolve London’s housing crisis in an eco-friendly manner. We need sustainably built, carbon-neutral properties, with greater use of energy efficient technologies.

I want London to be the leading example of a clean, green and carbon conscious city.

Vote for Hussain as your 1st choice! Able to tackle vital issues with knowledge from day one